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1.  Restrict your search to lawyers who do what you need done.  Many lawyers specialize, though some try to handle all kinds of cases.  Some skill sets, particularly trial lawyering skills, transplant easily to other areas of practice, and some do not.  All in all, you probably would not want a lawyer who has never done anything but adoptions or corporate transactions to handle a complex personal injury case.  To be fair, most lawyers stick to what they know, and most lawyers do not seek cases beyond their expertise.   In short, believe the lawyer who tells you what his practice areas are, but beware of any lawyer who claims to be all things to all people.

2.  Avoid heavily-advertised “volume” lawyers.  As a general rule, lawyers who advertise heavily are trying to sign as many clients and generate as many cases as possible.  In debtors’ rights/bankruptcy cases they may use data entry clerks and cookie-cutter preparation to such an extent that you may never meet your lawyer until your §341 meeting.  Alternatives to bankruptcy may never be discussed.  In personal injury cases these lawyers’ aim is to settle cases quickly, and if suit must be filed, to refer the cases out to other lawyers who actually do trial work.  To these lawyers your case is a commodity to be sold.  Insurance carriers soon figure out that they don’t try cases, and make settlement offers accordingly.


3.  Schedule an appointment, meet with a lawyer and ask questions.  Your first meeting with a lawyer is not just the lawyer’s chance to assess your case but also your chance to assess the lawyer.  Find out about the lawyer’s experience and practice areas.  Listen to what you are told about the expected course of your case.  Find out who will be working your case day to day and who your contact will be.  Ask about fees, and insist on a clear understanding before you retain the lawyer.  Decide, on a personal level, whether this lawyer is the kind of person and professional you can trust to handle your important legal affairs.  Do a gut check and decide to hire or keep looking.

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Hiring a Lawyer 101

 Three steps to finding the right lawyer for you and your case.

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