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If you’ve lost your job, faced illness, gotten divorced or widowed, are losing your home to foreclosure, or if for any other reason you can’t pay your bills, CALL US.  Remember, when you deal with us about your debt problems you will deal directly with an ATTORNEY, not a paralegal.




First we try very hard to help our clients solve their problems WITHOUT filing bankruptcy.  Particularly if you are facing a home foreclosure and you only need time to sell or refinance, a negotiated solution, a temporary restraining order or a quick sale may be the answer to keeping your home or keeping a foreclosure off your credit record.

No matter what you might have heard about changes in the law, BANKRUPTCY MAY STILL BE AVAILABLE TO YOU.

If you qualify, and you probably do, we can use federal law to help you restructure or wipe out most debts while keeping your home and furnishings, wages, car, retirement program and clothing and personal effects.  MANY OF OUR CLIENTS ARE ABLE TO KEEP ALL OF THEIR PROPERTY.


Debtors’ Rights and Bankruptcy


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